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最新のMicrosoft MB6-821試験の問題集


Microsoft Microsoft Business Solutions MB6-821

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試験科目:Microsoft 「AX 2009 MorphX Solution Development」

もしあなたはまだ合格のためにMicrosoft MB6-821に大量の貴重な時間とエネルギーをかかって一生懸命準備し、Microsoft MB6-821認証試験に合格するの近道が分からなくって、今はPass4Testが有効なMicrosoft MB6-821認定試験の合格の方法を提供して、君は半分の労力で倍の成果を取るの与えています。


1. Which of the following are methods on the Args class that will accept a string type as a parameter?
Choose two that apply.
Answer: bc
2. What are the main journals in Microsoft Dynamics AX?
Choose three that apply.
Answer: abc
3. Which runtime class instances exist for a running report with a data source?
Choose two that apply.
Answer: cd
4. Isaac, the Systems Developer, wants to modify the method SalesLine.calcLineAmount(). He wants to
be sure that the change does not cause problems when it is used with the application. How can he find
out where it is used?
A.Use the Reverse Engineering tool
B.Use the Cross-Reference tool
C.Right-click on the method and select Find
D.Right-click on the method and select Compare
Answer: b
5. To obtain an overview of the data types inherited from AmountMST, which of the following would you
A.The Reverse Engineering tool.
B.The "Used by" node in the AOT.
C.The "References" node in the AOT.
D.The Application Hierarchy Tree.
Answer: d
6. Where are the online help files stored?
A.In the AOT.
B.In .chm files on the client machine.
C.In .hlp files on the AOS.
D.In .ahp files in the application files directory.
Answer: b
7. How can modifications be moved between a development and a test system?
Choose two that apply.
A.Export the modifications from the development system to a .xpo file and import it into the test system.
B.Copy the .aod and .ald files from the development application file directory to the test application file
C.Use the application merge tool in the test application, and specify the development application
D.Run the application upgrade wizard from the development application and specify the test application
file directory.
Answer: ab
8. Isaac, the Systems Developer, wants to debug code in the class SalesFormLetter when it is called from
the sales order form. What steps must he take to achieve this?
Choose three that apply.
A.Install the debugger on the client.
B.Allow debugging to be executed on the AOS.
C.Open the debugger from the Tools menu before the code is executed.
D.Set a breakpoint in the code.
Answer: abd
9. Isaac, the Systems Developer has moved the axCUS.aod and axCONen-us.ald files from the
development application directory to the test application directory. What must he also do to ensure the
labels are updated correctly?
A.Recompile the application.
B.Synchronize the database.
C.Delete the axCONen-us.ali file.
D.Synchronize the labels.
Answer: c
10. How can the best-practice error in a display method be turned off, after it has been investigated
whether record-level security is required?
A.Add the comment://Record-security documented
B.Add the keyword Secure to the method definition.
C.Add the comment://BP deviation documented
D.Add the keyword Ignore to the method definition.
Answer: c
11. When writing a direct SQL statement, what would be the correct syntax to execute a statement and tell
the Code-Access Security layer that it is safe?
Answer: d
12. Isaac, the Systems Developer, needs to run a form from his X++ code. Select the correct statement to
replace the /* insert answer here */ comment in the following code:
Args args;
FormRun formRun;
args = new args(formstr(inventTable));
formRun = classFactory.formRunClass(args);
/* insert answer here */
Answer: d
13. Isaac, the Systems Developer, needs to write X++ code to iterate through the elements in a Map
object. What class(es) can he use to do this?
Choose two that apply.
Answer: ab
14. What is the purpose of the RunBase framework?
A.It defines a common structure for all reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
B.It defines a common structure for all access rights in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
C.It defines a common structure for all data manipulations in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
D.It defines a common structure for all forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Answer: c
15. Which method on RunBase class does the following statement describe?
"This method receives a container as a parameter and restores the type specific variables of the class"
Answer: c
16. Which of the following is a difference between the two classes: RecordSortedList and
A.RecordInsertList lacks the sort order features that are available in RecordSortedList.
B.RecordSortedList lacks the sort order features that are available in RecordInsertList.
C.RecordInsertList cannot insert multiple records into the database in one trip.
D.RecordSortedList cannot insert multiple records into the database in one trip.
Answer: a
17. What is the Args-class used for?
A.It verifies arguments sent to the Called application object.
B.It passes information between running application objects.
C.It handles end-user input.
D.It handles external access to classes in the AOT.
Answer: b
18. Isaac, the Systems Developer, has created a new class which extends the RunBase Framework.
He needs to make the query visible on the dialog, for user interaction. Which methods will he need to
override to achieve this?
Answer: a
19. Which of the following are valid application object classes?
Choose three that apply.
Answer: abd
20. Which select statement is identical to the Query object produced by the following block of code?
Query q;
QueryBuildDataSource qbDS;
QueryBuildRange qbR;
q = new Query();
qbDS = q.addDataSource(tableNum(InventTrans));
qbR = qbDS.addRange(fieldNum(InventTrans, ItemId)).value(SysQuery::value(""OL-2500""));
qbDS = qbDS.addDataSource(tableNum(InventDim));
qbDS.addSortField(fieldNum(InventDim, InventBatchId));
A.while select sum(qty) from inventTranswhere inventTrans.ItemId ==OL-2500join inventDimgroup by
inventBatchIdwhere inventDim.InventDimId == inventTrans.InventDimId
B.while select inventTranswhere inventTrans.ItemId ==OL-2500join inventDimgroup by
inventBatchIdwhere inventDim.InventDimId == inventTrans.InventDimId sum(qty) from inventDimgroup by inventBatchIdjoin inventTranswhere inventTrans.InventDimId
== inventDim.InventDimId&& inventTrans.ItemId ==OL-2500
D.while select sum(qty) from inventDimgroup by inventBatchIdjoin inventTranswhere
inventTrans.InventDimId == inventDim.InventDimId&& inventTrans.ItemId ==OL-2500
Answer: a
21. On which tier is the physical file holding a temporary table placed?
A.It is placed on the tier where the first record in inserted.
B.It is always placed on the AOS, as this will reduce the traffic between AOS server and the database.
C.It is placed on the tier, where the handle is defined.
D.It is always placed on the client to secure the Trustworthy Computing principles.
Answer: a
22. Suppose you have a handle to a temporary table. How do you make this visible in a form with the
temporary table as data source?
A.Loop through the data in the temporary table and copy each record to the data source using .insert().
B.The data will be visible without any manipulation as the handle and data source share the same table
C.Call the method .loadTmpData() on the data source and specify the handle to the temporary data.
D.Redirect the data source to use the same file as the handle by calling the method .setTmpData().
Answer: d
23. How would you cache display methods on forms?
A.Modify the DisplayCache form method, adding the element.cache() before super()
B.Set the method modifier to Cache Display.
C.Add a call to the method cacheAddMethod after super() in the Init method of the form.
D.Set the Cacheable property on the display method to Yes.
Answer: c
24. Parm tables use a ParmId value to uniquely identify each update. How is the ParmId value created?
A.It is a sequential number taken from the Parm ID number sequence set up on the Administration
B.It is a sequential number taken from the System ID number sequence set up on the Company Info
C.It is a GUID created using the newguid() function.
D.It is a GUID created using the WinAPI::createGUID() function.
Answer: b
25. To optimize a While Select statement what should you consider using?
Choose two that apply.
B.Order by
D.Quick select
Answer: ac
26. The following code creates an ODBC connection to an external database. Which block of code is valid
and can be inserted into the /*insert answer here*/ line?
If (odbcConnection)
perm = new SqlStatementExecutePermission(sql);
statement = odbcConnection.createStatement();
resultSet = statement.executeQuery(sql);
/*insert answer here*/
A.while ({print resultSet.get(4);print
B.while ({print resultSet.get(1);print resultSet.get(3);}pause;
C.while ({print resultSet.getString(2);print resultSet.getString(1);}resultSet.close();pause;
D.while ({print resultSet.getString(1);print resultSet.getString(3);}pause;
Answer: d
27. When will the default behavior of a select statement be to use literals?
A.When the number of records exceeds the threshold specified in the Server Configuration Utility.
B.When the select joins more than two tables from the table groups: Miscellaneous, Main, Transaction,
Worksheet Header & Worksheet Line.
C.When no locking (forupdate) is specified on the select statement.
D.When an update is performed using an array operation like update_recordset or delete_from.
Answer: b
28. What is the advantage of using placeholders when retrieving data from the database?
A.It reduces the time a record is locked and improve scalability.
B.It makes the optimal access plan for each query as all information is available for the database, when
the access plan is decided.
C.It reduces the CPU usage on the database server as the access plan can be reused.
D.It ensures that all the necessary data are retrieved when specifying a field list.
Answer: c
29. Where is the entire table cache located?
A.It will be present on the client to reduce response time when browsing the data in a grid.
B.It will be present on the server to make the cached data available for all clients connected.
C.It will be present on a dedicated cache server to support clustering of multiple AOS servers.
D.It will be present on the database server as this will reduce the internal disk I/O and improve scalability.
Answer: b
30. Which of the following strategies are appropriate to reduce locking of central records in the database?
A.Do not use ttsBegin and ttsCommit when accessing records which can increase the locking.
B.Set up the class to run on the server.
C.Set up the table to use Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC).
D.Always specify an index to reduce the load on the database.
Answer: c

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