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Lotus CLP 190-521


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試験科目:Lotus 「 Implementing a Domino R5 Infrastructure」



1.Marcus set up SMTP security using TCP/IP without SSL.
Which one of the following is used to authenticate the SMTP connection?
A. Data encryption
B. Message validation
C. Certificate authentication
D. Name-and-password security
Answer: D

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2.Ulf set up several server monitoring tasks.
Which one of the following did he NOT set up?
Answer: B

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3.Ann sent a message to Bill but used an incorrect address. She was terminated and her Mail
file was deleted.
Which one of the following describes what happened to the message sent to Bill?
A. It was held in the MAIL.BOX as dead mail.
B. It was returned to Susan as undeliverable.
C. It was forwarded to the mail administrator.
D. It was held in the MAIL.BOX as undelivered mail.
Answer: A

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4.The amount of information recorded in the Log file can be modified.
In which one of the following are these logging options set?
Answer: B

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5.A system administrator is setting up the Directory Catalog for a mobile user. Most of the
setup information is sent from the server to the mobile user.
Which one of the following steps must the mobile user perform?
A. Create a link to the Directory Catalog.
B. Create a Setup Profile name in the Mail file.
C. List the Directory Catalog file in User Preferences.
D. Enter the name of the server upon which the Directory Catalog is located.
Answer: C

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6.Janosis a member of both the Bandits and the Administrators groups. The Bandits group is
listed in the server's Not Access Server field. The Administrators group is listed in the
server's Access Server field.
Which one of the following happens when Ove tries to access the server?
A. He is denied access.
B. He is allowed access.
C. Domino does not allow a person to appear in both groups.
D. Access is allowed depending upon the database being queried.
Answer: A

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7.Which one of the following allows a server to become a passthru server?
A. A Passthru document.
B. A Passthru setting in the Server document.
C. A Connection document in the Domino Directory.
D. A Passthru setting in the server's Location document.
Answer: B

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8.In order for a Domino system to work, which one of the following must be set up on every
Domino server in the domain?
A. A copy of the Domino Directory.
B. The system's Organization certifier.
C. A replica copy of the Domain Catalog.
D. A replica copy of the Domino Directory.
Answer: D

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9.Fred, a system administrator, is implementing a cluster of Domino servers for load
Which type of server license should he install?
A. Domino IIS Server
B. Domino Mail Server
C. Domino Cluster Server
D. Domino Enterprise Server
Answer: D
Search the Domino 5 admin help with "Cluster Server".
10.Petratried to create a unique user OU but could not do so,
Which one of the following hierarchical OU/O structures would prevent her from doing this?

A. OU1/0
B. /OU2/OU1/0
C. /OU3/OU2/OU1/0
D. /OU4/OU3/OU2/OU1/0
Answer: D

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