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試験科目:「Mac Service Certification Exam」
問題と解答:全100問 9L0-012 トレーニング

>> 9L0-012 トレーニング





NO.1 Which of the following diagnostics is a unique test suite for Mac mini Server and Mac Pro
Answer: A

Apple vce   試験番号 9L0-012   9L0-012勉強の資料
Apple Server Diagnostic (AXD)A unique test suite for Mac mini Server, Mac Pro

NO.2 When replacing a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011) microphone, what other component must
be replaced with the speaker included in the Mid 2011 microphone kit?
A. Left speaker
B. Right speaker
C. Thermal rubber gasket
D. Both left and right speaker
Answer: C

Apple専門知識   9L0-012   9L0-012オンライン試験   9L0-012試験   9L0-012フリーク

NO.3 According to the Apple Troubleshooting theory, at what stage should you run a diagnostic?
A. After determining the issue is not hardware
B. After determining the issue is Education Opportunity
C. After determining the issue is caused by the Environment
D. After determining the issue is with the device's Software or Hardware
Answer: D

Appleコマンド   9L0-012一発合格   9L0-012勉強方法   9L0-012独学書籍   9L0-012クラムメディア

NO.4 Francine states that she does not see anything on her iMac display when she turns it on. Which
of the following should you use first to isolate as either a backlight issue or a video signal issue?
A. A flashlight
B. A replacement LCD panel
C. A replacement logic board
D. A replacement backlight power board
Answer: B

Apple   9L0-012模擬試験   9L0-012   9L0-012模試エンジン

NO.5 Which of the following is a valid electrical safety precaution when working on a computer or
display with exposed, potentially energized parts?
A. Use only metal screw drivers or fingers as needed to connect or disconnect cables.
B. Always wear an ESD wrist or heel strap when working on plugged in systems.
C. Be very careful handling the logic board or power supply while the computer is plugged in.
D. Remove rings, watches, necklaces, metal-rimmed eyewear and other metallic articles before
working on the computer.
Answer: D

Apple参考書   9L0-012クラム   9L0-012 PDF
Rings, watches, necklaces or any metallic wearables should be removed because metal will disturb
the inner circuitry and the static charge will transfer to the sensitive parts of the computer.
Reference: 3, electrical safety precautions

NO.6 Which of the following could indicate accidental damage when inspecting the inside of a Mac
mini (Late 2012) before a repair?
A. Light dust in the fans
B. Third-party RAM installed
C. Lint gathered near the rear vents
D. Oxidation or discoloration of the logic board
Answer: D

Apple参考書   9L0-012過去   9L0-012試験情報   9L0-012変更

NO.7 Which THREE of the following items are appropriate to use for ESD prevention?
A. Metal work surface
B. Power supply discharge tool
C. Grounded work mat
D. Wrist strap and cord
E. Wireless wrist strap
F. Static-shielding bags
Answer: C,D,F

Apple過去問題   9L0-012試験感想   9L0-012

NO.8 When plugged in, which component of an iMac remains energized even if the computer is
powered off?
A. Power Supply
B. Optical Drive
C. Hard Drive
Answer: A

Apple   9L0-012教育資料   9L0-012割引   9L0-012練習問題

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