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IBM 000-M38認証試験の最高なテストバージョン


IBM IBM-Lotus 000-M38

IBM000-M38の認証試験は現在IT業界でもっとも人気があって、その試験に合格すれば君の生活と仕事にいいです。 Pass4TestはIBM000-M38の認証試験の合格率を高めるのウエブサイトで、Pass4Test中のIT業界の専門家が研究を通じてIBM000-M38の認証試験について問題集を研究し続けています。100%合格率は彼らの研究成果でございます。Pass4Testを選られば、成功しましょう。


試験科目:IBM 「IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Technical Sales Mastery Test v2」



1.What does enabling the internet password lockout feature allow?
A. Prevents the user from logging in after three attempts
B. Permits the user to login regardless of how many attempts are made
C. Makes it possible to set a threshold value for Internet password authentication failures for
attempts to use Web-enabled Lotus Domino applications or Lotus Domino Web Access
D. Changes the password of the user account
Answer: C

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

2.Which is NOT an XPage feature?
A. A built in DXL editor
B. DWA emulation
C. Calculated view filtering
D. Built in asynchronousjavascript and XML
Answer: B

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

3.Which of the following tools and methods can be used to upgrade Lotus Notes 7 client to Lotus
Notes 8.5 client?
A. Setup policy upgrade
B. Desktop policy upgrade
C. Smart upgrade
D. Master policy upgrade
Answer: C

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

4..Which is NOT a feature of the Eclipse Framework?
A. You can easily extend the tool through Eclipse extension points
B. Enables Domino DB2 Integration
C. Built-in editors for CSS, XML, HTML
D. Allows you to work with multiple IBM tools in a single container
Answer: B

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

5.Which of the following is NOT a feature described of Notes Smart Upgrade?
A. ability to choose custom configuration
B. can integrate with desktop policies
C. enables automated media kit deployment
D. provide easy updates to Note Client
Answer: A

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

6.Which statement about Console Log Mirroring is true?
A. It creates a duplicate console log for backup purpose
B. It causes a new server thread to be created and duplicates messages into another file
C. It causes a duplicate server thread to be created and mirrors all logging events
D. It replicates all logging events on a separate assigned server
Answer: B

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

7.What is the ability to provision Eclipse plug-ins via Domino called?
A. Domino as an Update Site
B. Domino as a Feature Installer
C. Domino Plug-inProvisioner
D. Domino Eclipse Extensibility
Answer: A

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

8.When do you need an Expeditor Server?
A. When Domino Server is running in clustering mode
B. When you want to connect your Notes client toWebSphere Portal Server
C. When you are building applications that useMQe for messaging
D. When you have a mixture of Notes clients and Expeditor clients in your environment
Answer: C

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

9.Which of the following are examples of Expeditor applications which NOT run in Notes?
A. Composite Applications
B. J2EE Applications utilizing EJB
C. Web Applications
D. Eclipse RCP Applications
Answer: B

IBM   000-M38   000-M38   000-M38

10.Domino applications can be accessed using numerous methods, including:
A. Web services
B. Lotus Notes
C. Web browsers
D. All of the above
Answer: D

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