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高品質のCitrix 1Y0-A03「Citrix XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition: Administration」問題集


Citrix Citrix Other Certification 1Y0-A03

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試験科目:Citrix 「Citrix XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition: Administration」



1.What is the role of the XenDesktop Setup Wizard?
A.To install XenDesktop on a server
B.To create provisioned virtual desktops
C.To organize virtual machines into groups
D.To add Microsoft Active Directory OUs for the Desktop Delivery Controller

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

2.An administrator should configure desktops as assigned when __________. (Choose the phrase that
correctly completes the sentence.)
A.XenApp will be used to deliver applications
B.users will be installing their own applications
C.the administrator needs to apply specific access policies to a few users
D.roaming profiles are used to allow end users to personalize their desktops

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

3.An administrator is planning a XenDesktop implementation and needs to take into consideration how
much storage will be necessary for the implementation.Which two XenDesktop configuration options
could the administrator implement to reduce storage usage? (Choose two.)
A.Stream applications through XenApp
B.Host the virtual desktops through XenServer
C.Provision standard images through Provisioning Server
D.Configure Microsoft Active Directory with roaming profiles for all users
Answer:A C

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

4.What are two roles of a DHCP server in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.)
A.Route PXE boot to the Provisioning Server vDisks
B.Make DHCP reservations for XenDesktop components
C.Assign IP addresses to new virtual desktops dynamically
D.Apply static IP addresses to virtual desktops as they are created
E.Replicate DCHP boot options from the Provisioning Server to the XenServer
Answer:A C

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

5.Scenario: An administrator must determine the shared storage necessary for the virtual desktops in a
XenDesktop implementation. The XenDesktop environment will include Provisioning Server, XenApp and
XenServer. The administrator will be using XenDesktop to provision virtual desktops to office workers on
desktop appliances. Which two requirements should the administrator consider to determine the shared
storage necessary for the virtual desktops? (Choose two.)
A.Size of the XenApp farm
B.Location of caching for Provisioning Server
C.Number of standard images and private images
D.The number of Desktop Delivery Controllers in the farm
Answer:B C

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

6.On which component must an administrator run the Active Directory Configuration Wizard for a
XenDesktop implementation?
B.Domain Controller
C.Provisioning Server
D.Desktop Delivery Controller

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

7.Which four XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition components make use of the standard Citrix licensing
infrastructure? (Choose four).
D.Desktop Delivery Controller
E.Provisioning Server for Desktops
F.Access Gateway Standard Edition
Answer:A D E F

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

8.An administrator is implementing a XenDesktop environment that requires resource pools. When
creating the resource pools, the administrator should make sure that __________ and __________.
(Choose two phrases that correctly complete the sentence.)
A.the NICs across all members connect to the same networks
B.the NICs used for the servers in the resource pool are from the same vendor
C.the NICs used for the servers in the resource pool are in the same order on each system
D.the virtual machines hosted by the servers in the resource pool need the same number of NICs
Answer:A C

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

9.Scenario: An administrator is about to install XenDesktop 2.0 Enterprise Edition for a large environment
with thousands of users. The administrator plans to install the Desktop Delivery Controller and the
components necessary to allow it to run correctly.According to best practices, what must the administrator
install prior to installing the Desktop Delivery Controller in this environment?
A.Web server
B.Desktop Receiver
C.Microsoft SQL server
D.Virtual Desktop Agent

Citrix   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03   1Y0-A03

10.Scenario: An administrator is implementing a XenDesktop environment that will use XenApp to stream
the applications, Provisioning Server to stream the operating system and XenServer to host the virtual
machines. The administrator has completed the installation of the components including the vDisks and is
now beginning the creation of the virtual machines.Which template should the administrator create in this
A.A template with two NICs
B.A local fixed disk template
C.A template without a hard drive
D.A TFTP chained bootstrap disk template

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