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Oracle Oracle Database 1Z0-514



試験科目:Oracle 「Oracle Database 11g Essentials」



1.Which two statements are true regarding the usage of tools in administering an Oracle database?
(Choose two.)
A. Oracle Net Manager: configure a new or existing listener
B. Data Pump: transfer of data from one database to another
C. SQL*Loader: load data horn an Oracle database to an external file
D. Database Upgrade Assistant: upgradeonly single-instance databases
E. Database configuration Assistant (DBCA): create new database userin an existing database
Answer: A, B
2.The DBA of your database informs you that the Oracle instance has started. What does this imply?
A. Users can access the data in the database.
B. Only the SGA has been allocated for the database.
C. Only the background and user processes are running.
D. Memory areas have been allocated and background processes have been started.
Answer: D

Oracle   1Z0-514   1Z0-514   1Z0-514

3.You issue the following command as a DBA: SQL>SHUTDOWN
What would be the outcome of the above command?
A. It causes the instance to abort.
B. It waits for all sessions to disconnect.
C. It rolls back the current transactions and disconnects a/I sessions.
D. It waits for the current transaction in each session to complete before disconnecting the sessions.
Answer: B

Oracle   1Z0-514   1Z0-514   1Z0-514

4.View the exhibit.

Which actions would be performed and in what sequence by clicking the Startup button?
1) Control file is read.
2) Memory is allocated.
3) Background processes are started.
4) Initialization parameter file is read.
5) Redo log files and data files are opened.
A. 2, 3, 1
B. 4, 1, 5
C. 1, 5, 4, 2
D. 4, 2, 3, 1, 5
E. 3, 2, 4, 1, 5
Answer: D

Oracle   1Z0-514   1Z0-514   1Z0-514

5.Which two statements are true regarding consistent backups? (Choose two)
A. Database can be opened immediately after the restore operation.
B. Database can be opened only after the restore and recovery operations.
C. Consistent backups can be taken only when the instance is running and the database is closed.
D. Consistent backups can be taken only when the instance is shut clown and the database is closed.
E. Consistent backup are taken before the changes in the online redo log files haw been applied to the
data files.
Answer: A, D

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