Pass4TestはIT技術者に向きMicrosoft、Cisco、VMWare、Oracle、HP、IBM など認定試験の問題集を用意しいたします。


NO.1 Which traffic type should be allowed through the network in order to leverage SNMP for
network monitoring?
A. UDP traffic on port 161
B. TCP traffic on port 162
C. TCP traffic on port 161
D. UDP traffic on port 53
Answer: A

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NO.2 You have created a custom report that shows "uptime" for each of your devices and would like
to show the data from this report on the Orion Network Summary View. How should you accomplish
A. add the "Report From Orion Report Writer" resource to the target view and specify the uptime
B. from within Report Writer, select "Make this report available from the Orion website"
C. add the "Custom HTML" resource to the target view and specify a link to the uptime report
D. add the "List of Reports" resource to the target view
Answer: A


NO.3 A network engineer notices the Syslog server's database is growing significantly in size due to
the large number of devices sending Syslog messages. What should the engineer do to control
database growth?
A. configure the Syslog server to capture SNMP traps instead of Syslog
B. configure the devices and the Syslog server to use SNMPv3
C. configure the devices and the Syslog server to use TCP-based Syslog
D. configure the Syslog server to discard unwanted messages
Answer: D


NO.4 The application server team reports that the SQL servers are NOT responding as they
Normally do. You check the interfaces on the SQL servers and see that their bandwidth utilization is
within normal limits. What is a likely cause for this SQL application performance disruption?
A. high latency
B. access list change
C. SNMP community string change
D. low interface discards
Answer: A


NO.5 An Orion NPM administrator enables audible alerts through the Orion Web Console. Assuming
you are on a view that shows alerts, when will the audible alert be triggered?
A. whenever a new alert has appeared since the last refresh
B. when you first log in to the Web Console
C. every 10 minutes if there is an active alert
D. whenever your view includes Nodes With Problems
Answer: A

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NO.6 You wish to retain Syslog messages in Orion NPM for 30 days. Which Orion component should
you use to do this?
A. SyslogService Settings
B. System Manager
C. Syslog Viewer
D. Database Manager
Answer: C

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NO.7 Over the course of 24 hours, a node was sent 200 ping requests in an effort to monitor its
Of those 200 ping requests there were: 100 responses of less than 10ms
50 responses of greater than 20ms
50 requests with no responses
What was the availability of that node during this period of time?
A. 70%
B. 80%
C. 60%
D. 75%
Answer: D

SCP-500成果物   SCP-500クラムメディア   

NO.8 Which two steps are required to create a nested map using Orion NPM? (Choose two.)
A. select "Enable Nested Maps" on the site details map
B. add a hyperlink from the site details map to the site overview
C. drag and drop the site details map on to the site over view map
D. create a single map that includes both site overview and site details
E. create a site over view map and a separate site details map
Answer: C,E


SCPのSCP-500認証試験の認証試験は現在IT業界でもっとも人気があって、その試験に合格すれば君の生活と仕事にいいです。 Pass4TestはSCPのSCP-500認証試験「SolarWinds Certified Professional Exam」の認証試験の合格率を高めるのウエブサイトで、Pass4Test中のIT業界の専門家が研究を通じてSCPのSCP-500認証試験の認証試験について問題集を研究し続けています。100%合格率は彼らの研究成果でございます。Pass4Testを選られば、成功しましょう。

Pass4Testが提供する真実と全面的なSCP認証試験について資料で100%で君の試験に合格させてまたあなたに1年無料のサービスを更新し、今はPass4Testのインターネットで無料のSCPのSCP-500認証試験のソフトウェアがダウンロード することができます。

試験科目:「SolarWinds Certified Professional Exam」
問題と解答:全145問 SCP-500認証試験

>> SCP-500認証試験



最近の数年間で、IT領域の継続的な発展と成長に従って、SCP-500認証試験はもうSCP試験のマイルストーンになりました。SCPのSCP-500認証試験「SolarWinds Certified Professional Exam」の認証試験はあなたがIT分野のプロフェッショナルになることにヘルプを差し上げます。SCPのSCP-500認証試験の試験問題を提供するウェブが何百ありますが、なぜ受験生は殆どPass4Testを選んだのですか。それはPass4TestにはIT領域のエリートたちが組み立てられた団体があります。その団体はSCPのSCP-500認証試験の認証試験の最新の資料に専攻して、あなたが気楽にSCPのSCP-500認証試験の認証試験に合格するためにがんばっています。Pass4Testは初めにSCPのSCP-500認証試験の認証試験を受けるあなたが一回で成功することを保証します。Pass4Testはいつまでもあなたのそばにいて、あなたと一緒に苦楽を共にするのです。


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