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試験科目:「Avaya Contact Recording and Avaya Quality Monitoring R12 Implementation and Maintenance Exam」
問題と解答:全65問 3308試験内容

>> 3308試験内容


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NO.1 A technician is trying to integrate the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) with the Avaya [email protected]
Contact Center, in a SIP based Contact Center.
Assuming that the only requirement is to record inbound calls through the hunt group or the queue,
where does the Avaya Contact Recorder obtain CTI information?
A. Application Enablement Services
B. eQuality Balance CTI Events Input
C. Communication Control Toolkit
D. CTI Link as configured on the Communication Manager
E. Meridian Link Services on the Avaya [email protected] Contact Center
Answer: A


NO.2 Which process allows the Avaya Workforce Optimization (WFO) Enterprise Manager to
communicate updates to the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR)?
A. LoggerServer service
B. Enterprise Manager Agent (EMA)
C. dedicated network connection
D. MDL database
Answer: B

3308模擬問題集   3308短期   

NO.3 A technician is trying to integrate the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) with the Avaya [email protected]
Contact Center in a SIP-based Contact Center.
What information is required to get the Avaya [email protected] Contact Center to communicate with the Avaya
Contact Recorder? (Choose three.)
A. Communication Control Toolkit Windows Domain details
B. Avaya [email protected] Contact Center Meridian Link Services IP Address
C. Communication Control Toolkit IP address
D. Application Enablement Services IP address
E. Communication Control Toolkit username
Answer: A,D,E

3308ソートキー   3308資格難易度   

NO.4 Which statement describes how to backup the Audio and Screen recording for the Quality
Monitoring (QM) system?
A. Backup the SQL database on the QM Server.
B. Backup the contents directory on the QM Server.
C. Backup the /eCorder directory on the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
D. Archive the contents of the /call directory on the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
Answer: D

3308受験記対策   3308問題と解答   

NO.5 For integration with the Enterprise Management server, on which server does the EMA
component of the recorder need to be enabled?
A. the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Master and Standby only.
B. the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Master only.
C. All Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Master,Standby,and Slaves
D. all Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) Master, Standby, and CRSs
Answer: D


NO.6 You cannot find a contact under interactions that was recently recorded. You have confirmed
the recording exists on the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
What is causing this problem?
A. You have to wait for at least an hour before doing the search.
B. Your search parameters are too wide.
C. Your search parameters are include other agents as well.
D. You have not selected the Near Real-Time contact search option.
Answer: B


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