Pass4TestはIT技術者に向きMicrosoft、Cisco、VMWare、Oracle、HP、IBM など認定試験の問題集を用意しいたします。



IT業種が新しい業種で、経済発展を促進するチェーンですから、極めて重要な存在だということを良く知っています。Pass4Testの Network ApplianceのNS0-157試験問題は高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。その権威性は言うまでもありません。あなたはPass4Testの学習教材を購入した後、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。

Pass4Testが提供したNetwork ApplianceのNS0-157試験問題の試験トレーニング資料は受験生の皆さんの評判を得たのはもうずっと前のことになります。それはPass4TestのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-157試験問題の試験トレーニング資料は信頼できるもので、確実に受験生を助けて試験に合格するということを証明しました。Pass4Testが提供したNetwork ApplianceのNS0-157試験問題の試験トレーニング資料はベストセラーになって、ずっとピアの皆をリードしています。Pass4Testは消費者の皆さんの許可を得て、評判が良いです。Network ApplianceのNS0-157試験問題の認証試験を受けたら、速くPass4Testというサイトをクッリクしてください。あなたがほしいものを得ることができますから、ミスしないだけで後悔しないです。最も専門的な、最も注目を浴びるIT専門家になりたかったら、速くショッピングカートに入れましょう。

試験科目:「NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered Data ONTAP」
問題と解答:全303問 NS0-157試験問題

>> NS0-157試験問題


みなさんにPass4Testを選ぶのはより安心させるためにPass4Testは部分のNetwork Appliance NS0-157試験問題「NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered Data ONTAP」試験材料がネットで提供して、君が無料でダウンロードすることができます。安心に弊社の商品を選ぶとともに貴重な時間とエネルギーを節約することができる。Pass4Testは真実のNetwork Appliance NS0-157試験問題の問題集が100%で君の試験の合格を保証します。君の明るい将来を祈っています。


NO.1 Volumes can be moved from 32-bit aggregates to which two types of aggregates? (Choose
A. 64-bit aggregates
B. 32-bit aggregates
C. Flex aggregates
D. Traditional aggregates
Answer: A,B

NS0-157認定資格   NS0-157試験内容   

NO.2 A FAS6280 running ONTAP 8.0.2 HAS A 32-bit root aggregate. After upgrading to Data ONTAP
8.1, what is the status of the root aggregate?
A. The root aggregate auto-migrates to a new 64-bit aggregate
B. The root aggregate remains 32-bit
C. The upgrade fails with a message to create a new 64-bit aggregate before upgrade
D. The root aggregate converts from 32 to 64-bit in place
Answer: B


NO.3 An administrator for a virtual server named abc17 mounts a new volume named vola at
junction named / accounting/teama and creates two directories at the root of the new volume
named 2011 and 2011/june. Healso copies a file called report.doc into the directory named june. An
NFS client mounts to the root of the namespace. What is the fully qualified path to the report.doc?
A. /accounting/teama/2011/june/report.doc
B. Z:\vola\2011\june\report.doc
C. /accounting/vola/teama/2011/june/report.doc
D. /abc17/accounting/teama/2011/june/report.doc
E. /vol/vola/2011/june/report.doc
Answer: A

NO.4 In Data ONTAP 8.1.1 Cluster-Mode, what is the maximum TCP read size for an NFSv3 client?
A. 1,048,576 bytes
B. 2,097,152 bytes
C. 65,536 bytes
D. 32,768 bytes
Answer: A


NO.5 What are the three types of resources supported by Logical interfaces? (Choose three.)
A. VServer-routes
C. group-routes
D. cluster-routes
E. failover groups
F. port
G. cluster
H. Interface groups
Answer: B,F,H


NO.6 A customer wants to use FlashCache but does not want to lose the information stored in the
FlashCache card when a takeover occurs in a high-availability solution.
What should the customer do to make sure this feature is enabled?
A. Set the option to rewarm the FlashCache in both nodes of the HA pair.
B. Verify that the FlashCache card has been configured only on the node where the feature is
C. Confirm that the aggregates using the FlashCache card are configured appropriately.
D. Verify that the FlashCache card is located in the appropriate slot in the NetApp controller.
Answer: A

NS0-157段階   NS0-157無料更新   

NO.7 Node cl-02 needs to fail over for scheduled maintenance. The node has NAS LIFs on it. The
failover needs to be non-disruptive to the NAS clients.
Which command accomplishes this task?
A. system node reboot -ofnode cl - 02 -inhibit-takeover true
B. storage failover takeover -ofnode cl - 02
C. storage failover takeover -ofnode cl - 02 -bypass -optimization true
D. system node halt -ofnode cl - 02 -inhibit true
Answer: C

The aggregate relocation can be avoided during this takeover instance by using the
bypassoptimization parameter with the storage failover takeover command. To bypass aggregate
relocation during all future planned takeovers, set the bypasstakeoveroptimization parameter of the
storage failover modify command to true.

NO.8 What are two defaults for a new Data ONTAP 8.1 or later system root aggregate? (Choose two.)
A. 0% aggr reserve
B. 32-bit
C. 64-bit
D. 5% aggr reserve
Answer: A,C


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