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試験科目:「Adobe Photoshop CS6 ACE Exam」
問題と解答:全407問 9A0-303受験資格

>> 9A0-303受験資格




NO.1 Consider the given image: Which mode will you use to view this image using Adobe Bridge?
A. View Mode
B. Review Mode
C. On-click preview Mode
D. Preview Mode
Answer: B

Adobe認定試験   9A0-303試験準備   9A0-303トレーニング費用
You can view multiple files at once by using Review Mode. To do so, select the files you want to
review and, on the application bar, click the Refine button and choose Review Mode. You can also
choose View > Review Mode or press Ctrl+B.Answer option D is incorrect. When you select a file,
Bridge automatically displays a preview of it in the Preview panel (if the Preview panel is open). You
can drag the edges of the Preview panel to make it as large or small as you'd like. In addition, when
you click in the Preview panel, the cursor becomes a loupe that you can use to magnify areas of the
preview.Answer option A is incorrect. There is no view mode in Adobe Bridge.Answer option C is
incorrect. With a file selected, press Spacebar to display the file in full-screen mode. When in
fullscreen mode, click the file to enlarge it to 100%, and click again to zoom back to fullscreen view.
Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to navigate to the next or previous photo. Click Spacebar
again to return to Bridge.

NO.2 From which submenu can you export layer comps?
A. File, Place
B. File, Export
C. File, Scripts
D. File, Automate
Answer: C

Adobe無料過去問   9A0-303試験解答   9A0-303学習

NO.3 Which tool should you choose for changing only the pixels that match a sample color?
A. Gradient
B. Color Replacement
C. Magic Eraser
D. Brush
Answer: B

Adobeおすすめ   9A0-303スキル   9A0-303市販本

NO.4 Which of the following file formats is flexible for transferring images between applications and
computer platforms?
A. Digital Negative (DNG)
B. Photoshop EPS
C. Photoshop Raw
Answer: C

Adobe保証   9A0-303学校   9A0-303認証試験

NO.5 Which of the following is used to hide parts of a layer with a vector path?
A. Work paths
B. Swatch
C. Vector mask
D. Warp
Answer: C

Adobe必要性   9A0-303日本語講座   9A0-303基礎問題集   9A0-303資格取得

NO.6 Which tool creates a duplicate of a sampled area when you paint in another area?
A. The Patch tool
B. The Spot Healing Brush tool
C. The Healing Brush tool
D. The Clone Stamp tool
Answer: D

Adobeプログラム   9A0-303真実試験

NO.7 Which of the following Lock options will you choose to edit only the opaque areas of a layer?
A. Lock all
B. Lock transparent pixels
C. Lock image pixels
D. Lock position
Answer: B

Adobe問題例    過去問 無料 9A0-303   9A0-303ガイド   9A0-303試験解答

NO.8 Which of the following effects takes place when we paint with gray or another color in Quick
Mask mode?
A. It selects more of an image.
B. It creates a semitransparent area.
C. No effect.
D. It deselects more of an image.
Answer: B

Adobe独学書籍   9A0-303合格体験談   9A0-303本番
The following table describe about colors in the Quick Mask mode:
Options Purposes
Paint with white To select more of an image Paint with black To deselect areas Paint with gray or
another color To create a semi-transparent area, useful for feathering or anti-aliased effects

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