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NO.1 The descriptor liferay-portlet.xml:
A. Defines Liferay-specific portlet features
B. Defines the categories of the Add Application menu
C. Identifies portlets that only run onLiferay
D. All of the above
Answer: A

Liferay   LRP-614資格認定試験   LRP-614テキスト

NO.2 An administrator would like to add a new travel preferences section in the Miscellaneous
section of the user form.
The travel preferences are stored as custom fields.
The recommended way to implement the solution using a hook plugin is to:(Please select all correct
A. Modify html/portlet/users_admin/edit_user.jsp to add the travel preferences section to
theMiscellaneous section
B. Set the portal property "users.form. my.account, miscellaneous"to "travel-preferences" and add
the corresponding JSP
C. Create a Struts action hook to persist the Expando value to the database
D. Add the custom fields to the relevant JSP using <liferay-ui;custom-attribute>
Answer: B,D

Liferay改訂   LRP-614関連資料

NO.3 The best way to add a new language key to the portal is through:
A. The Control Panel
B. A hook plugin
C. An Ext plugin
D. Modifying Liferay's source
Answer: B

Liferayオフィシャル   LRP-614ブロンズ教材   LRP-614練習問題

NO.4 When adding new users to Liferay, the form will display the Details, Organizations and
Personal Site sections based on the following property in
users.form.add.main =detaiIs,organizations,personal-site The "users.form.add.main" property is
listed in the liferay-hook_6_l_0.dtd as a portal property that can be overridden with a hook.
Deploying a hook with the following property in the file will remove the Personal
Site section: users.form.add.main =details,organizations
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Liferay   LRP-614監査ツール   LRP-614対策書

NO.5 A hook plugin can extend and override:(Please select all correct answers.)
A. Core portal Struts actions
B. CoreportletStruts actions
C. Portletplugin Struts actions
D. Layout template Struts actions
Answer: A,B

Liferay   LRP-614トレーニング費用   LRP-614 PDF

NO.6 The recommended way to add support for a new locale is to:
A. Create an Ext plugin that adds a language properties file for the desired locale
B. Create an Ext plugin that adds a language properties file for the desired locale and implements a
servlet filter mapping using IlSnFilter
C. Create a hook plugin that adds a language properties file for the desired locale and implements a
servlet filter hook to invoke IlSnFilter through PortalClassLoaderFilter
D. Create a portlet plugin that overrides the core language filter to recognize the desired locale
Answer: C

Liferay   LRP-614資格認定試験   LRP-614認定デベロッパー   LRP-614受験期

NO.7 Liferay's core JavaScript framework is:
A. jQuery
B. Dojo
C. MooTools
D. AlloyUI
Answer: D

Liferay研修   LRP-614正確率   LRP-614試験時間   LRP-614無料過去問

NO.8 Service Builder does not generate:
A. SQL statements to create tables
B. Hibernate and Spring configuration files
C. Axis web services
D. The view layer
Answer: D

Liferay   LRP-614種類   LRP-614特典   LRP-614予想試験



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